“What are your burning questions about YOUR pregnancy and childbirth?”

Lisabeth Protherough at easy-childbirth.com provides the answers

Here are the top 7 burning questions from our mothers to be…..

  • How do I eradicate the pain of childbirth?
  • How do I stop piling on the weight during pregnancy?
  • How will I get my gorgeous body back after the birth?
  • How do I prevent tearing or episiotomy in childbirth?
  • How will I stay calm and in control when I’m scared of giving birth?
  • What  childbirth options are safest for me and baby?
  • Why do I fear something will go wrong with the pregnancy or birth?
 Lisabeth Protherough is the Founder of www.easy-childbirth.com,  educator, award winning author, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and mother of 3 boys.